Spain off the beaten track Spain is the second largest country in Europe, just after France. In Europe there are many countries smaller than Spain that have greater populations: Germany, Italy and England. Most of the people in Spain live in cities located by the sea, thus meaning that a large part of Spain, particularly in central regions, is almost empty. In fact in that area, the population density is lower than in Siberia or Lapland. Along the way, you can find a number of abandoned villages too. The proposal here is to visit one of those litle villages in the midle of Spain (one hour away from Madrid) that are almost empty.
The fact that few people live there at present, does not mean that there is an absence of interesting remains from the past to be visited or peculiar landscapes to admire. In the proposed area there are fairly well preserved remains of the most southern Cistercian monastery in Europe and also remains of one of the biggest Roman cities of that time (both of them located in beautiful spots by a river), not to mention the typical tiny villages of the area:

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