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la cerdanya

Discover La Cerdanya

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Do you know Cerdanya? It is a hidden treasure in the Catalan Pyrenees. It is one of the counties of Catalonia located between the Pyrenees, the border between Spain and France. It is known for the natural beauty it contains, in addition to its cultural heritage. That is why, in today’s article, from Our Guide in Barcelona we focus on explaining what Cerdanya hides, it is a mountain destination in Catalonia. 

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Barcelona March

What is going on in Barcelona in March

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In March in Barcelona you can really  tell you are leaving behind Winter, maybe is not so much  the temperatures, as they are not completly warm they go from 45 º F at night to to 64º F in the midle of the day (from 8 to 18 in Celsius), but more because of the lenght of the day, we have many more hours of light than in Winter. 

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pallars sobirá

Do you know el Pallars Sobirà?

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Do you know Pallars Sobirà? It is one of the largest regions in Catalonia, in the province of Lleida. It is the perfect place for all nature lovers!

In today’s article, from Our Guide in Barcelona we will tell you something about Pallars Sobirà, its characteristics and the best places to visit.

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february barcelona

What is going on in Barcelona in February?

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February appears in the mind of many people as a dark and cold month, it is not the case in Barcelona. Regarding temperatures, we will start the month with temperatures like spring, 21º C (70ºF) in the middle of the day, then the temperatures will go back to normal for the time of the year, but this is not too bad either, average temperature in Barcelona in Winter is 9 C which is 50 F, in the middle of the day many days we have 14 C (58 F), we may have some rain too but in Barcelona does not rain much, about 80 rainy days a year.

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el ripolles

All about “el Ripollès”

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There are very few regions in Catalonia that concentrate so much attraction in their territory. A getaway to Ripollès means that you can visit the immense mountains that are part of the Pyrenees, also thanks to its routes and magnificent adventure sports everyone can enjoy this getaway.

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